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What on EARTH, or in heaven, is this?

What on EARTH, or in heaven, is this?

Life is full of surprises, says the gal.  Any idea what this is, in the photo?  Well it is the ‘torture equipment’ that you have to put on if you are having a vintage real-silk black top hat fitted.  Why a top hat?  If you are going to the Royal Enclosure at England’s Royal Ascot, you need formal gear, morning suit and topper.  And the best top hats are silk, and they do not make them any more.

You therefore need to buy a vintage topper, and it might not be the right size.  Apparently this contraption goes over said topper and manipulates it to fit.

Now you know, and now I know, and next time I see well-clad gents coming out of London’s luxury hotels enroute to Royal Ascot, I will have a little laugh inside.  One of those gentlemen, probably coming out of Café Royal Hotel London, is probably my dear friend Sanjiv Ramdanee, who kindly shared this photo.  He is a lifetime member of the Royal Enclosure, which requires two global Royals for nomination.  He is also owner, and CEO, of Maradiva Villas, Resort & Spa in Mauritius.