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Arriving at Park Inn, oh so handy for London's Heathrow airport

Arriving at Park Inn, oh so handy for London’s Heathrow airport

Simply Sunday.  If a luxury hotel exudes beauty, that is the one for you, gal.  Beauty comes in all forms. People at the door who smile and welcome you, people at front desk with a beautiful demeanour, a room that is perfectly proportioned, a dish of simple fare that looks good on the plate, coffee that is not spilled and a breakfast buffet that, at least at the start, is beautifully set out, as at Le Cheval Blanc in Courchevel.

And flowers must be beautifully fresh and tastefully displayed, as at Four Seasons Geneva.  The current prize for the most natural flowers, however, goes at the moment to Park Inn at London Heathrow.  Whoever had the foresight to dot its enormous carpark with trees that flower deliciously – and beautifully – each spring time deserves a big hooray (and yes, the hotel has beautiful people, and all the other beautiful necessities, as well)