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More on the luxury Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel

Someone's pride and joy

Someone’s pride and joy

The cars outside The Peninsula Beverly Hills are, like their owners, not all really young – they all, however, do have character. The gal wonders what would happen were someone to drive up in a Hyundai. No problem, this is such a gracious hotel that the valet parkers would welcome that car along with all the desirable brands. This is the hotel, by the way, that first introduced portable fans to cool car interiors while their owners were networking or whatever during the stifling heat of the Los Angeles summer.

The rooftop garden restaurant functions year-round

The rooftop garden restaurant functions year-round

Many regularly make their way up to the hotel’s busy and well-tended rooftop, with its pool (14 always-booked blue-roofed cabanas, with full mod-cons) and a three-meal outdoor restaurant (with Bordeaux heaters when needed). There are already lots of flowers and plants up there but now chef David Codney, an Ohio man with a love of craft brewing, is setting up a working garden there. There will be produce for the main restaurant, down on the ground floor, and hops so that he can brew Peninsula beer, to match the Peninsula Champagne and such wines as Peninsula Pinot Noir 2013, by Keller Estates.

Best-selling mac'n'cheese

Best-selling mac’n’cheese

That main restaurant, by the way, is going to be upgraded, and modernised somewhat – I just hope they do not take the best-selling mac’n’cheese off the menu. Usually this dish is rather heavy but oh, done by David, it is eulogistically heavenly – it went beautifully with Mary’s Chicken, a roast from Tepmin Farms, named for the owner’s mother. I hear how well they feed dogs, too. Their canine menu includes Tail-shakin’ not stirred martini (low-sodium beef bouillon); Bow Wow beef burger (1.25lb lean chuck steak minced with oats and vegetables), and Kuno’s steak&eggs (4oz grilled NY sirloin sliced with two scrambled eggs and Tilamook cheddar).

Big boss Offer Nissenbaum

Big boss Offer Nissenbaum

Offer Nissenbaum seems to think of everyone, and what they might need, as a result of which Red Carpet goers love this luxury hotel, and so too do their pooches.