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If luxury hotels (and ships) have butlers they must be the BEST

Ronaldo Paguio

Ronaldo Paguio

As followers of GirlAhead know, the gal usually hates butlers.  Arrive at a luxury hotel to be introduced to ‘your butler, and can he/she unpack for you?’ is akin to being told that the only items on the menu this week come from McDonald’s.  But there are some exceptions, and the list is growing.

At Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai, James Xing has looked after me a couple of times. He is totally exemplary, only appears when I realise I wish he were there, gets everything done quietly and efficiently and thoughtfully. He is enough to make any follower stay at that hotel.

And now, on Silver Shadow, I have discovered Ronaldo Paguio, from The Philippines (he used to work at Hyatt Hotel and Casino, Manila).  Silversea introduced butlers to all cabins (sorry, suites) about four years ago and at first they were annoyingly over-present. Now they work seamless, in teams of two, housekeeping maid and butler.  Ronaldo, and his business partner Rowena Villavicencio, arrive to make up the suite as soon as we have left for breakfast. Ronaldo makes sure I have a plentiful supply of personalised notepaper, and a daily fix of bananas, and does My Man want his shoes cleaned? They are returned wrapped in tissue paper with the Silversea logo on.

I look forward to extending the Butler Best list.  Any luxury hotel want to put forward a contender? Contact me @globalhotelguru