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Simply Sunday: luxury hotels need to promote themselves right

Simplicity abounds in correctly communicating stories of luxury hotels – and yes, they need stories. Six Senses’ comments on one of its Thailand resorts (see above) are informative, and to the point:

‘Six Senses Samui is home to the newest beach bar and pool side lounge – serving up unpretentious wholesome flavors from from our wood-fired oven and grill, and tantalizing tipples of cocktails. It is a “come as you are” venue to enjoy soaking up the sun or lounging under the moonlight whilst watching your favorite movie. Drift at the Beach also serves as the perfect location for beach-side weddings, celebrations or meetings, supplemented by a stunning new two-bedroom Beach Reserve. ’ 

Get it wrong, and media can be unforgiving.  A press release should NOT be cluttered with too many illustrations. See this: ‘For its reopening, Palais-Royal Le Restaurant is changing expectations for a Michelin-starred restaurant, making the dining experience uninhibited, more joyful, and more Parisian. There is new energy at the 1st Evok restaurant. As Evok Co-Founder and Managing Director Emmanuel Sauvage puts it, “We need to bring new energy, stay in motion, and be able to change, never resting on our laurels and always moving forward.” This change came about through conversations between Philip Chronopoulos and Emmanuel Sauvage during this period, which has encouraged thinking things over and leaving your comfort zone. Together, they feel that it is time to give Palais-Royal Le Restaurant more freedom and a new vitality that is more Parisian and contemporary and can offer new perspectives’.   EH?  WHERE is this restaurant (in Palais Royal, Paris, France)?  WHO is Philip Chronopoulos (the Michelin-starred chef)? WHAT is Evok (a hotel collection founded 2014 by financier Pierre Bastid, developer Romain Yzerman, and Emmanuel Sauvage, who is, indeed MD)?

Get it right, with innovation. Admiralty Arch London, which is being converted to a sensational luxury Waldorf Astoria hotel, scheduled for opening 2023, is currently having a three-floor subterranean excavation added. Developer Rafael Serrano, who heads Prime Capital, introduces this fascinating video, below.  It makes luxury travel advisors want to know more, now.

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