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There he is, John Scanlon, ruler of the red carpet and also known as boss of The Dorchester Collection’s Beverly Hills Hotel – in Beverly Hills, of course. The location is so desirable that a Newport Beach rejuvenation centre 43 miles from the City of Beverly Hills calls itself Beverly Hills (you’d think the BH Cops would have been after those rejuvenators with all sirens blaring).

There are other red carpets galore, of course. Strictly in hotel parlance, Virgin Hotels redden everything they can. Mass market chain Radisson has a Red sub-brand. Raffles London at OWO must have a red carpet outside its Whitehall entrance most days because of the plethora of VIPs. But Beverly Hills Hotel has a carpet permanently, for VIPs as well as Hollywood goings-on. John Scanlon is in his element. There’s nothing he likes more than a bit of fun.

Right now he’s revelling in having a Dioriviera 2024 pop-up at his outdoor pool. LVMH seems to have bought months-long rights to part of the pool surround, which now hosts such a permanent boutique that it looks permanent. The cabanas and sun umbrellas around the pool are clad in Dior’s toile de Jouy Soleil, an overall salmon and champagne design. Without nosing into finances, LVMH must come out of the deal pretty well. As well as standard Dior items the boutique has limited-edition bags, all designed, like the main collection, by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Dior’s temporarily, through August, taken over the hotel’s spa as well.

Girlahead popped by for lunch, not to buy. She expected John Scanlon to be wearing a salmon-champagne Dior tie. He wasn’t. He probably expected her to have, as usual, the Polo Lounge’s McCarthy Salad. She didn’t. She went for tuna tartare on an avo base – below – and it was, as usual, delicious.