Luxury Hotels


What do drones, or flying angels (the winged ones rather than bottles of Sacha Lichine’s brilliant rosé wine) think of hotels? Look at the rendering above, of how the  301-room Fairmont Golden Prague could look when it opens at the very end of 2024. The view shows green roofs, the vertical garden on the building in the left corner that holds 27 residences to rent. A square with trees and water feature are on the left top corner. We see the extension of the tree line of Paris Avenue – the Rodeo Drive of Prague – and on the right the hotel garden, which will be partially open to the public (upper part) it’s connected via a tunnel to the Vltava River bank and the indoor/outdoor pool. In fact it is not technically an opening but a re-opening. The building first hit the world December 1974 as Inter-Continental – the project had been put together by Eric Bleich, a member of the IHC development team who also worked on what is now Inter-Continental Vienna.

Gerhard Struger is the Accor ambassador putting all this Golden story together and he is as pleased as punch. It is easy to  see why. He is, for instance, bringing back the much-loved Zlata Praha restaurant on top of the nine-floor main building.

Yes, flying angels would have a veritable ball flying over Fairmont Golden Prague.  Where else would they like? A flight over Nobu Marrakech would be enthralling. The main part of the hotel’s an 11-floor circular tower and the rooftop is nonstop partying from 10 (am) to three (am). It has a pool with a wild-river current for yet more excitement. Fly over Dolder Grand above Zurich and look down into the glass ceiling of the swimming pool. Fly over The Regent Hong Kong and look down into the Presidential Suite’s 16th floor pool – and a jaunt over Atlantis Royal in Dubai gives views down to many private terrace pools. The top floor of Hotel Inter-Continental Le Grand in Paris used to house,  right next to Opera Garnier, the hotel’s telephone exchange – now it’s four rooms (Girlahead loves #5411, up 19 carpetted stairs from the fifth floor corridor).

But these are all city hotels. Frankly for the most revealing reveals simply aim our flying angels over The Maldives, any island, any brand. The downward views would be, could be, an education.