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London’s iconic Capital Hotel finally changes hands

David Levin MBE and his daughter Kate Levin

The very-English David Levin MBE founded The Capital Knightsbridge, just next to Harrods, in 1971, and the family has owned it ever since.  This week he sold it to Hong Kong-born Richard Chiu, but Kate Levin, daughter-of, remains GM.  Richard Chiu is also as anglophiliac as you make’em: he graduated with Honours in Economics from Pembroke Cambridge and having a London property was obviously a big gap in his global portfolio – his Warwick International Hotels Collection is up to 55 properties, so having the English capital is another big feather in his cap.  With this purchase he has also bought the Levins’ 12-room eponymouse Levin Hotel, and their London Bakery.