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Afterglow, above, is by Finbarr Notte, also known as Finbarr DAC, OR FIN DAC. Born in Cork, he specialises, for some unexplained reason, in Eurasian portraits. See his exhibition, a SOLO SHOW, in London. THERE’S A SPECIAL EVENING 21ST OCTOBER THANKS TO LUXURY MORTGAGE LEADERS ENNESS GLOBAL This is only Fin DAC’s second public exhibition and is a culmination of 12 months of studio work and six years’ street work. Self-taught, he has defined and perfected a spray paint style he calls‘Urban Aesthetics‘.

IHCL’s head of UK, Mehr(navaz) Avari deliberately did a degree in psychology and sociology to understand hospitality better. SHE’S A SMART COOKIE. Perhaps she could understand Fin DAC? GIRLAHEAD THINKS ALL HOTELIERS NEED TO STUDY THOSE TWO ‘OLOGIES’. In her previous role, running IHCL’s Umaid Bhawan, Jodphur, part of IHCL’s TAJ brand, she initiated considerable unward movement of profitability. How? One of many secrets was to offer three tiers of ‘welcome’. Lowest was complimentary. Of course no important customers want that lowest level. They paid up, just as they did for varying levels of decorative lighting.

As a KEEN CYCLIST – AND FOOD LOVER – Girlahead applauds what LeBlanq is doing.  This is a company that tweaks the decades-old Butterfield & Robinson and considerably raises cycling concierges, gourmet levels and, of course, prices. Enthusiasts are already signing up for LeBlanq’s ISLE OF WIGHT WEEKEND, 13-15 May 2022. RIDE WITH BRADLEY WIGGINS, Laurent-Perrier Champagne and food by such England-based chefs as Ashley Palmer-Watts, of Mandarin Oriental London Hyde Park’s Dinner, and Claude Bosi, chef of the forthcoming THE PENINSULA LONDON.

Which is a good opportunity to listen, again, to Mandarin Oriental’s COO Christoph Mares. Hear him here: