Luxury Hotels


Saturday’s food day for Girlahead and today’s weekly special is surely one of the most beautiful ever. It’s the tomato starter at the Michelin-starred restaurant at The Ritz London, the one hotel that has The Royal Warrant from HM King Charles.

John Williams, the culinary genius at The Ritz, is surely one of the most down-to-earth chefs ever (note from editor, unless you are a word genius it is not good English to repeat phrases). Sorry. He worked the room about half way through lunch service, which shows the confidence he has in his team.

The menu is full of provenance, Cornish turbot, Suffolk lamb and the like. The tomatoes possibly came from the Isle of Wight, which seems to produce the most colourful and flavourful tomatoes. This presentation, in a JL Croquet bowl is complemented by the tomato essence poured in at table (we had already had one-bites of parmesan mousse, duck liver pâté and a chicken roll). The tomato dish also had an abundance of flavour.

The restaurant, often described as the most beautiful eating place in any hotel, anywhere, was, as always, almost full. This is the regular midday hangout of mega-men who run tip-top companies. Other tables might be Brits celebrating whatever, say life.

It is rumoured the hotel’s Qatari owners are bringing The Ritz up to date. Let’s hope the Ritz GM Sal Gowili doesn’t allow too much change as this restaurant is so beautiful. Interestingly, he’s a chemical engineer and his sense of project planning is meticulous.

On the way out, the two Go’s, Gostelow and Gowili, stopped for a brief moment to see a space full of afternoon tea takers, below. Well, this is the Leading Hotel of the World that, for so many, leads the way in afternoon tea.