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Lithuania – Hefei

Europeans are anticipated to buy some 10 million bicycles every year up to the end of this decade  – this is 47% more than the number of bikes bought across Europe in 2019.  Lithuania is using this fitness trend to promote biking. Biking trails are being tided up and new trails are being set up.  As far as foreign visitors are concerned, Lithuania is appealing for its exquisite nature, vast spaces, easy-to-bike roads, and such other outdoor activities as kayaking, hiking, camping, and much more.  See the photo above, courtesy Karolis-Dovidavicius: it is being put out by Lithuania Travel, the national tourism development agency that is promoting seven specific biking trails at this time.  Girlahead would also recommend a stay in the nation’s capital, Vilnius, at the Kempinski.


Next month, Hefei sees the first of four planned sports-health T-HUB facilities planned for China – no lodging, but a BOOSTER no-meat restaurant, kids’ play, retail, consultation rooms, and a membership model that allows, via wearables, booking classes, tracking performance and bio-data and access to discounts in the entire THANYAPURA network. THANYAPURA, which is Thai for ‘land of abundance’, is named for an existing Phuket resort that offers health and fitness (including triathlons) plus ISO- accredited medical practitioners, and stem cell therapy – several full-scale resorts, including lodging, are planned for China. The company THANYAPURA is based in Singapore. President and CEO is Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, and newly-appointed COO is Rudiger Hollweg, long-time Kempinski.


Talking about Kempinski, listen here to that company’s boss for Asia, Michael Henssler: