Luxury Hotels

London – Bahia – Venice

In London, the new Connaught Patisserie, entered from Mount Street, Mayfair, serves not only gorgeous cakes but also coffee, artisan tea and, of course, Champagne.   Key names are interior designers Ab Rogers Design, and hotel patissier Nicolas Rouzard, and people who live nearby can summon up personal delivery.


In Brazil, there is more and more demand for intimate boutique hotels, places like KA BRU, close to Barra Grande, Bahia. KA BRU Beach is an intimate beachfront hotel at the entrance of stunning Camamu Bay, Brazil’s third biggest bay, and its sibling is KA BRU Forest, ethically crafted from 60-year-old demolition woods. **


In Europe, there is also ever-increasing interest in luxury experiences that are different. Langham is already in Bavaria, with Langham Nymphenburg Munich. Now, this very morning, it announces a forthcoming property on the – crystal-capital – Murano island off Venice. Mattheo Thun will be the designer so expect something that will make people sit up and take notice: it was he who created a two-floor-high glass-walled wine tower in the lobby of the Radisson at Zurich Airport (sommeliers, wearing harnesses, soar up vertically). Langham’s Murano treasure, with 138 rooms, will be a conversion of the historic Casino Mocenigo, named for the local family who produced at least three Doges, including Giovanni di Mocenigo Jr, Doge 1478-1485, during which time he fought at sea against Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II.


But think of the whole world, and hear what leaders have to say – you can pick up thoughts from Langham’s super-energetic CEO Stefan Leser, via the library of MARY GOSTELOW GIRLAHEAD PODCAST, which currently features Six Senses’ Neil Jacobs





The counter is also home to an array of 10 seasonal patisserie – the true showstoppers in the shop. Included are classics such as Paris-Brest, Apple Tatin and St Honoré, and others showcasing more contemporary ingredients such as the vibrant Yuzu Éclair, the Mango and Passion Fruit Mousse cake,  and the Chocolate Tonka Tart.  One of these will be an ever-changing daily cake.  The much loved Connaught hound which graces the hotel emblem, has been reimagined as a chocolate hazelnut cake, a miniature work of art which will be a patisserie signature.

The Connaught Patisserie will also create bespoke large and decadent cakes to order designed for birthdays, celebrations or simply to tell someone you love them.  These exquisite creations can be collected from the Patisserie, or, if customers are in Mayfair, the team can arrive at your door laden with cake boxes, looking splendid, in true Connaught fashion.


The Connaught Patisserie was designed by London-based design studio Ab Rogers Design. It’s Director Ab Rogers is son of Sir Richard Rogers, a favourite collaborator to The Maybourne Hotel Group, making this a true family affair.  ARD designed the space as if it were an intricately crafted jewellery box, with every element celebrating the craft of the artisan, to echo the precision and artistry of the cakes.  Rosa Tea pink marble floors and pink polished walls cocoon visitors and provide warmth, whilst curves dominate in the form of voluptuous body-hugging chairs and intimate circular marble tables.  Hand blown hot pink crystal lights hang over the tables, mirrors are used to reflect the quintessential redbrick of Mount Street, and bronze details are a final flourish.  The design pièce de résistance is the warm white marble counter – the heart of the shop.