Luxury Hotels

A jolly agreeable luxury beach hotel in Tel Aviv

Looking back up at the hotel, right

InterContinental David Tel Aviv has one of the most enviable locations in the world – look up at it, as in the photo on the left. Look out from any of its Mediterranean-facing rooms, and the view, shown above, is sensational. Immediately below is the Prof Kaufman coastal road. Across this is a stretch of grass, with inset cycling and walking lanes, and then you have the sea. The dilapidated structure opposite will undoubtedly be removed sometime soon: the gal was told that it was bought by a German who wanted to replace it with a luxury hotel but it would not fit in with planning laws that say no building within a certain distance from the water (goodness, it would be on top of the water) so, in compensation he has been given a large parking area immediately adjacent to the InterCon.

Bathrobes sensibly stored in the bathroom

Of the 555 rooms in the hotel, I recommend not only something with a superb view but also with access to the club lounge. I found end suite 2232 really guest-friendly. The space ‘worked’ – see the video below, and the windows opened. For the many tourists coming to Tel Aviv, views, simplicity of rooms, and opening windows must all make a difference. The number of international visitors to the city upped 26% January through June this year, over 2016, and my good friend Yossi Fischer, who heads Vision Hospitality, based here but covering the world, says it is noticeable how many non-Jews are now coming. There are many reasons, notably better and less expensive airlift and a superb product with gorgeous weather eight months of the year.

The gym changes colours

What has happened to the Jewish visitors, I asked Yossi Fischer. Well, many of the older regular visitors have had to give up travelling and younger ones are favouring Miami or the French Riviera. Fascinating. This hotel caters for tourists from a myriad of nations, with China growing now that Hainan Airlines’ flights from Beijing are daily (and Shanghai and now Guangzhou are on their agenda). To get Indian visitors an India-based carrier is needed. People staying here will find everything they expect from an InterCon. I had a driver one evening who owns his brand-new Mercedes S-class says he considers it his home – he even has a mini fridge in the boot. When he and his wife of 34 years go on holiday they always stay in an InterCon. Wherever. It is the best, he says with a big smile.

.. and the outdoor pool

The GM of this luxury hotel, David Cohen, does clever things to maximise productivity, by the way. Labour is difficult to find and it is expensive. By displaying bathrobes rolled up in a bathroom space, it is obvious when robes have not been used, and therefore unused robes do not need laundering, which helps the planet, helps labour costs and saves time. Other interesting features: the 24/7 Technogym is superb, with constantly-changing dayglo colours, and all the machines I tested had visuals and sudoku games that worked without having to repeat-punch (for me, a jolly good reason to choose one hotel over another). The pool looks lovely, and is extensively used. And then there is the FOOD here, another excellent reason for choosing InterContinental David Tel Aviv…