Luxury Hotels


Dubai does nothing by halves. By contrast, EVERYTHING IS BIGGEST IMAGINABLE. See the Burberry ‘handbag’ above.  Actually only a dinosaur could handle this. The bag is 17 METRES tall. It’s on the tarmac next to the busy-lizzie JETEX TERMINAL, as used by the biggest brains and the best use of available spend.

Wealth can certainly help health. In fact the more-usual phrase HEALTH IS WEALTH is the vibe at HermèsFit, a new pop-up fitness studio-store in Williamsburg NY. Browse luxury sneakers, wellness-related accessories and ready-to-wear, all by HERMES. HermèsFit workout classes — including yoga with scarves, kickboxing with bracelets, and stretching with belts — are free and open to the public, starting today.

KEEP FIT, IN LONDON. The Corinthia has one of the best all-round wellness set-ups in town: hear Corinthia CEO Simon Naudi on Podcast, now