Luxury Hotels


It’s really very special when the Big Boss is there to greet you and that is what happened at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi.  There was Jens Wycisk, cuddling up to a sculpture pretending to be a tree. That was down at the ground floor arrival area. Walk around the block and you pass a restaurant pretending to be aa working brewery.

Girlahead had stayed here before, many years ago, but she had never had as much fun as this visit. With a full house that included lots of American families with pre-teen kids, there was constant activity. The only public place of peace seemed to be the spa, which skilfully effected a Cosmé Proud facial that was true bliss. Since the hotel is so close to Tokyo’s top station there must be many who arrive from afar and need a little pampering – the longest Shinkansen journey, incidentally, is 674.9 km, coming in from Amori.

Before dinner there was time for a quick peep at Sézanne, the hotel’s two-Michelin, André Fu-designed, fine dining restaurant bought out, that evening, for a Dior launch – see below. The room looked exquisite, and when the invitees turned up they looked pretty good too. The Japanese certainly understand decorum and they dress well when they have too.  Sézanne is named, by the way, for the ancestral home of the chef, Daniel Calvert.

We ate in the casual-chic brasserie, Maison Marunouchi, and jolly good it was too. Imagine cuttlefish tagliatelle with fermented kohlrabi. It made a fabulous starter appetizer and was not too large, important as it was to be followed by a slice of sweetbread pâté in brioche, with a spicy hollandaise sauce. We talked about the world, and Ulan Baator, and this and that, and then it was time for a final bit of trainspotting before tomorrow…




and the Dior show