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First one has to GET to Japan. Tip number one, try to fly to Tokyo’s Haneda rather than Narita, which is much further away. Girlahead flew from London Heathrow, LHR/HND, on BA005.  Tip number two, to be part of the in-crowd, guys and girls, wear all black with plain white trainers, as above. When you get to see these guys’ faces, by the way, they say ‘success’. Of course you have turned left on

It IS a long flight, 14 hours as it turned out. One main meal and then a jolly good breakfast. As is now nearly always the norm, there was an anaphylexic aboard (why don’t airlines ditch cocktail nuts and go for tiny pretzels or similar?). Anyway, it was quickly on to food and Girlahead’s starter – buffalo mozzarella with grilled courgette and Isle of Wight tomatoes, see below – was really good. British Airways seem to be spending more on food. The starter was more generous than in the past, and the tray now has a mini vinaigrette bottle, as pre-covid. Girlahead went on to handmade ricotta mezzaluna, and THE most delicious wedge of a chocolate, walnut and orange cake.  It’s worth mentioning the extensive drinks list, which includes Baileys Irish Cream (does ANYone drink it these days?) and BrewDog Speedbird PG Transatlantic IPA, whatever those letters mean.

Girlahead was just finishing her second meal when a crew member, Clark Reinheld, came by to apologise for not having come to say Hello before, and thanks for being such a frequent flyer.  It’s nice to be appreciated, and it set the tone for the arrival in Japan.  Tip number three, be prepared for a long in-terminal walk on arrival. And, of course, a hint of a bow works wonders on the good manners front.