Luxury Hotels

INDIA – 17

Dining at Four Seasons Mumbai?  Well, there’s Asian, and international (coffeeshop if you must). The wow, however, is up on the rooftop, near the hotel’s private members club.

Oh yes, AER is wow.  It’s the place for sunset viewing – see the reel below. It’s recently been tweaked by Phillip Pond of Agency Pond. Girlahead had not come across him before but with a pedigree that includes AvroKo, Rockwell and Yabu Pushelberg – doing the adjacent Four Seasons Residences tower, opening in a couple of months – he must be good.

He’s certainly imaginative, this Bangkok-based American. He’s conceptualised rooftop space, which admittedly has glass safety barriers, as a cruise ship. To be honest, however, he could have themed AER as a giant mortuary. The customers would not have minded one iota.

AER is open from 5pm through one, seven nights a week, and hotel GM Nitesh Gandhi says every evening sees three distinct shows. After-work cocktails with sunset are replaced by dinner+drinks, which in turn give way to late night romancing and chitter-chatter.  No problem if it rains. Adarsh Jatia and his family have invested half a million, US$, in two sets of German-engineered glass ‘tents’ that automatically roll in, one from either end of AER at the first hint of precipitation.

What to eat here? There are skewers, that kind of finger food, but Girlahead so liked the dry ice-enhanced sushi platter – see the photo above – that she had a second helping. Well, this was the last supper in India, for now (who wants to leave Incredible India with a whimper?) See a final memory, below.