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ILTM Arabia is announced – a must for the luxury hotel world

One of many views of Velaa Private Island

It’s official, ILTM Arabia will hold its inaugural event in Dubai, April 24-25, 2016.  Among the uber-luxury exhibitors will be Velaa Private Island Maldives – see above and left.  As Alison Gilmore, Portflio Director ILTM says, ‘The Arabian outbound market is already established and affluent, with a growing generation of individuals looking to spend leisure time in the world’s finest places”.  Confirmed exhibitors also include Small Luxury Hotels of the World, led by CEO Filip Boyen, plus Vienna Tourist Board – all will meet, thanks to computer-generated algorithms, the world’s top travel advisors who are exactly and uniquely right for THEM.  Book the dates for ILTM Arabia now, information via