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Introducing Time + Tide Miavana: Madagascar’s new private island resort

Time and Tide Mianawa Resot - Madagascar’

Time + Tide Miavana has opened its doors, bringing luxury and progressive conservation to Madagascar’s vibrant northeast coast.

Situated on Nosy Ankao, an island sanctuary, Miavana means “to reconcile or bring together” in local Malagasy. The resort opening represents the latest from Time + Tide, the safari company using tourism as a vehicle for social impact.

“The unveiling of Miavana is an exciting and pivotal point in luxury travel and eco-tourism,” says Thierry Dalais, chairman of Time + Tide. “We’re honoured to welcome guests to this unique corner of the world, and we are fully committed to conserving this special region by providing sustainable employment and sanctuaries for wildlife to flourish.”

Designed by architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, the duo behind North Island and Time + Tide’s own Chinzombo, Miavana uses local and sustainable materials to create a pristine island oasis.

The property’s aesthetic embodies sophisticated island living. Made up of a pale-pink, local Malagasy stone, Miavana was crafted by predominantly unskilled local workers employed by the company. The property uses solar power and eco-conscious materials, including island thatch, grass and recycled composite.

Time and Tide Mianawa Resort room - Madagascar’

Consisting of 14 indoor-outdoor one-, two- and three-bedroom villas, the expansive property offers maximum seclusion in a tropical environment. Each oceanfront villa comes equipped with a private pool, full kitchen, living room and designated butler team. The main piazza serves as Miavana’s centrepiece with its multiple dining spaces, rooftop bar, dance floor and full-service infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. Additionally, the property boasts a fleet of two helicopters, a store offering local and international items, an activities centre and a museum gallery – The Cabinet of Curiosities – which is filled with unique, local historical and natural artifacts.

Miavana marries luxury amenities, top-notch service and best-in-class guiding with sustainable development and empowerment of local communities. The opening marks a new chapter for Madagascar’s northeast region, as Time + Tide is focused on creating long-term positive change through conservation-minded educational, economic and environmental efforts. As part of a protected marine area, Time + Tide is focused on reducing net-fishing and monitoring wildlife movements, including the four species of turtle, rare species of birds and unique sea-life.

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As the largest of five islands in a rare archipelago, the resort is surrounded by beaches and coral reefs ideal for expeditions, water activities and simple enjoyment. With a variety of eco-excursions endemic to Madagascar, Miavana’s guiding team is made up of local experts and worldwide specialists who have created programs for guests to entrench themselves in Madagascar’s rare, remote wildlife. Each excursion promises to be educational and exotic, allowing guests to experience previously untouched nature. A sample of programs include:

  • Blue safaris: guided snorkelling or scuba diving experiences near shipwrecks and unexplored coral reefs
  • Water activities: kite-surfing, whale-watching, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding
  • Fishing: guided and solo fly-fishing, deep-sea boat exploration and marine-life tours
  • Nature hikes and bikes: guided nature hikes explore the best of the island’s history, flora and fauna
  • Heli-adventures: helicopter to nearby islands for lemur walks or rare bird-watching
  • Sleepouts: a signature Time + Tide experience, fully catered sleepouts under the stars are offered to groups year-round
  • Picnic lunches and sundowners: fully catered lunches and/or sundowner experiences in various scenic settings around the island are available to complement a hike or guests on their own

The food and beverage team offers inventive dishes with local ingredients. At the helm, executive chef Enoryt Appollis creates a rotating menu consisting of dishes like local zebu beef carpaccio, Thai-inspired soups and woodfired pizza for in-villa or piazza dining. Each meal is designed daily and features high-quality ingredients sourced locally based on availability. Currently, the team is working with local providers to create sustainable supply chains that benefit the local communities, while providing guests with the freshest and best food available.

Miavana rates start at $2500 per person, per night and are inclusive of food and beverage, along with a majority of activities. Premium excursions, including helicopter safaris and sleepouts, are offered based on availability.

The property can be accessed only by helicopter via Diego Suarez or Nosy-Be airports.

To coincide with Time + Tide’s mission to create lasting, meaningful conservation in undiscovered places, $100 of each bed-night is donated to the foundation and will directly impact the local population and environment.


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