Luxury Hotels

Happy Christmas from Girlahead

Recycled tree at Grand Hyatt Macau

Luxury hotels can go overboard when it comes to holiday time – dressing trees with balls and baubles, art works and boxes. The gal loves the tree in the orchid-lined living wall staircase of the Kahala, just outside Honolulu – and how about the tree, above, on board Seven Seas Navigator?

Good marks, too, to Grand Hyatt Macau, which every year brings out 30 metal tree-shapes which are then uniquely adorned with thrown-out items collected over the year. ¬†One tree could be decorated in old handbags, another with shoes, another with empty mineral water bottles. And at Kaua’i Marriott Resort & Beach Club guests are asked to donate $5 and vote which of the resort’s decorated trees is favourite, in a bid to raise over $2,000 for a local Hawaiian charity.

The gal salutes all luxury hotels who make an effort, and she wishes everyone, everywhere, happy holidays.