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Hamburg – Porsche – Steigenberger – Claridge’s – Damien Hirst

YESTERDAY WAS EVENT-FULL. Take Steinberger. STEIGENBERGER HOTEL HAMBURG, the building leased from Union Investment Real Estate AG, had been closed since 3rd May 2021 as part of its complete new-look: like a dinosaur in a natural history museum, only its skeleton remained. Now, with its JOI-look and its 233 rooms, which include a 187sq m Presidential Suite, it is READY FOR THE RICH AND FAMOUS, AND THOSE WHO WANT TO BE. Hotel boss Moritz Klein tells Girlahead that, with only 22 rooms available yesterday, it was operational mayhem behind the scenes, with rates soaring 16% during the day. The first 29 people staying DINED ON THE 8TH FLOOR overlooking Hamburg. The first time Girlahead met Moritz Klein, a serious biker. was in Brunei and she has always appreciated his sense of style, and ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Well, he was trained at Claridge’s

For years before BECOMING A RIMOWA LOYALIST, Girlahead was addicted to her PORSCHE DESIGN wheelie.  Yesterday, Steigenberger CEO Marcus Bernhardt announced further details of  Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels. First roll-out will see up to 15 hotels in global metropolises such as London, Singapore, Dubai and Shanghai: this brand marries design philosophy and values of  Porsche Design brand with hospitality and service of Steigenberger.  Dr Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Design Group, now 100% owned by Porsche, stresses innovative rooms capturing spirit of the environment. Expect at least 150 rooms,  remarkable restaurants and bars, exclusive Meet&Greet Cubes (WHAT?), and AND EXTENSIVE WELLNESS.

Did Girlahead mention Claridge’s?  Yes she did.  Today sees the unveiling of Claridge’s ArtSpace, kicking off with  Damien Hirst’s ‘Sunshine’, presented by HENI.  Designed by John Pawson, Claridge’s ArtSpace is a multi-functional space, set to house a café and art store (opening early 2022) as well as the permanent gallery. See the artist’s brilliant pipe cleaner animals – above – and pay by cryptocurrency for physical or NFT works. Claridge’s will also serve as exclusive pick-up of physical works, now  stored in a secure vault in the UK. Visitors to ‘Sunshine’ can look forward to receiving digital attendance tokens, in the form of HENI POAPs, which HENI will be issuing for the very first time.

Also at Claridge’s, tomorrow sees legendary hotelier Geoffrey Gelardi launching his book, Hotel Dynasty: Four Generations of Luxury Hoteliers, Unicorn Publishing, there at the hotel. Girlahead will be there.  WATCH THIS SPACE. And, meanwhile, listen to this, below. It’s Marcus Bernhardt: