Luxury Hotels

Gstaad – London

The very name ‘mountain stress release’ would, suggests Girlahead, draw high-spending customers to a new hotel brand. MOUNTAIN is up-there: as The Status Seekers, the brilliant 1959 tome by Lance Packard, said, houses at the top of any slope invariably cost more than those lower down. STRESS: well, who wants that? RELEASE: great, get away from whatever. In fact ‘mountain stress release’ is a Six Senses’ concept running at The Alpina Grand, Gstaad, when it opens 2nd July, through to 15th September. Hotel GM is Tim Weiland, ex-Aman, and he must have a similarly-style-aware owner in Marcel Bach. Anyway, whenever you start it, the  five-day ‘mountain stress release’ programme includes wellness and stress consulting, and meditation, both chakra and walking –  how do you both meditate and walk?  Expect green caviar facials, and pilates, tai chi and yoga, plus hormone therapy,  and sound healing sessions. And, as refreshment, listen to Six Senses’ CEO Neil Jacobs, below.


Some suppliers, hotels and cruise lines, over-kill when telling hoped-for buyers what is going on. The Beaumont, London, is networking very cleverly prior to its planned 1st September re-opening launch – not too many communications and every one that is sent out is personalised and worthwhile.  Hotel MD Duncan Palmer, of course, is a dapper pro and somehow is the perfect webinar foil when The Beaumont persuades such catches as Elliot Higgins, CEO of Bellingcat investigative media to appear on behalf of the hotel.  Yes, Duncan Palmer is right on the ball when it comes to marketing, via personal style – weekday commute by Continental Bentley, switching to Porsche at weekends. This reminds me of Peter French, who weekdays in Dubai has a closet of seven suits, seven pairs of equally-immaculate shoes, rotate each day to keep’em going longer. Personalities are one of the many reasons contributing to luxury differentiation.


Finally, today, let us close with a re-listen of Six Senses’ CEO, Neil Jacobs – his style, by the way, includes maxi-cycling around his home base, Singapore, and mini-acceptance of that totally-banned word ‘old’.  Think Adrian Zecha, whose newest hotel developments should be released within three days, and think Ratan Tata and oh, so many others, and, down a generation, think Paul Jones at LUX Collective – and Neil Jacobs: