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Look up to Scotland for latest trends. GLENEAGLES, in Perthshire, shows next-gen wellness could be soft-hues rather than a medical clinic. Owner Ennismore’s inhouse designer Charlie North and his team have gone for pale green, two metre-high trees, a real-look log fire. Enter this entire feel-better theatre via five semi-private welcome hand/foot massage booths. Main treatment rooms are also pale green with supposed daylight coming through gauze curtains, and displays of the Gleneagles herbs used in new own-brand spa products (other products, entirely replacing long-time ESPA, are Tara Harper and Dr Barbara Stürm). The effect, says Girlahead, is spectacularly welcoming, and if you have arrived early and have time to browse the menu, you surely want to buy up, to add something else during your allotted time.  Don’t arrive without an appointment, by the way. This magic place is fully booked.

There’s also a Glow Bar juice bar, apparently brought on board by Eiesha Bharti Parisha, wife of the owner of Gleneagles, Sharan Pasricha, CEO of Ennismore. Now Glow Bar @glowbarldn is a brand in its own right.  Let’s find out more. It was developed by  Sasha Sabapathy (see above).  A former chef with astute brand and wellness experience, she felt burned out in her early 20s and started experimenting with adaptogenic healing herbs like Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, that help cope with stress.

Magic, by the way, is one essential ingredient for the recipe that is Deborah Szekely, who turned 100 last Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022 – her favourite essentials are that successful wellness facilities must have magic (another ingredient is to surround yourself with younger friends). Now how many other centenarians publish on their big day? Deborah Szekeley’s latest book, 100 Lessons from a Grasshopper – her husband called her peripatetic mind grasshopper-like.  A year after marrying, they established RANCHO LA PUERTA in Baja California in 1940, and 16 years later she opened THE GOLDEN DOOR  in San Diego.

She who Huffington Post called ‘the godmother of wellness’ held court for a weekend of wellness celebration. Friday, 29th April 2022, saw a gathering in La Jolla of about 80, family and friends, with speeches. Over 1,500 gathered Sunday for an outdoor Mexican festival in Tecate. On the Tuesday itself there was a Mariachi wake up at Rancho La Puerta, and a lunchtime cake, after which, with delicate intake of the celebration Champagne, she did admit she was a little tired.  As she shared with her designated heir to her HuffPost title, Susie Ellis, founding Chairman of the Global Wellness Institute, her regime, as always, continues to be all-round healthy living. Breath fresh air, move, eat from nearby soil-rich land and waters and feed your mind. And that-all does achieve magic.

Listen to Susie Ellis, talking earlier, here: