Luxury Hotels

The future….

GIRLAHEAD IS CONSTANTLY ASKED ABOUT THE FUTURE – my goodness, who could have forecast the rise of hostels at luxury level? Who wants to forecast now?

WHAT ABOUT THE INTRODUCTION OF NON HOTELIERS TO RUN A LUXURY COMPANY?  What would happen if Jony Ive or Marc Newsom moved into the bed space?  The two former Apple genius – yes, that is plural of ‘genius’, which is fourth category in Latin, and therefore more than one genius, sic, comes up as genius.  Anyway the two versatile designers are working with Ferrari and Airbnb.  They need to work with a hotel company rather than that disrupter.

Now Porsche Design has announced a partnership with Deutsche Hospitality, which pairs Porsche’s technology with Deutsche Hospitality operations.  (Interestingly, Taj London’s 170sq m Jaguar Suite, #1142, is themed for, and designed by, another member of the huge and sprawling Tata portfolio.) But let’s get Jaguar’s top designer not only design but run a hotel?

Let us also forecast food. Easy. SIMPLE HOTEL HOTEL OFFERINGS, 24/7, PICK UP WHAT YOU WANT AND WHEN YOU WANT.  No need for payment, the Israel company Trigo, that does walk-out, no-pay technology for Amazon’s bricks-and-mortar stores, will surely move into hotels soon.

Also coming soon will be in-house vertical farming. FAIRMONT ROYAL ORK TORONTO EXTENSIVELY FARMS OUTSIDE ON ITS UPPER TERRACES – it even has a vineyard up there  But let us hope vertical mini-farms will enable customers’ picking their own salads, at table.

And WELLNESS, EVERYWHERE. Read about that, with Italian finesse, from Forte Village’s Lorenzo  Giannuzzi, below: