Luxury Hotels


After days and hours of ‘work’, how refreshing it is to recover.  A certain amount of ‘me time’ is essential for sanity. Girlahead was heading for Negev Desert’s allure, four hours’ drive south from Tel Aviv – SIX SENSES SHAHARUT, the end of the journey, demands that long journey, but from all accounts it is worth it.

Luxury – or exclusivity, as Sybaritic Single prefers to say – almost demands an obstacle course to achieve. Think of an haute couture gown. Most women in the western world would have to undergo a zero-calorie diet to get into Dior. Think of a Mauro Colagreco meal at his Menton base. Would-be diners need big wallets and the ability to plan ahead to get a reservation.

In hotel terms, getting to EXPLORA hotels in Chile is quite taxing, as is the long drive to AMANGIRI in Utah. In Canada, prize for inaccessibility probably goes to FOGO ISLAND. In England, anything in Cornwall, say THE PIG AT HARLYN BAY, can be jolly annoying if the traffic is heavy. In the Maldives it is quite obvious that having to take a seaplane on from Male, day-time only, is no deterrent. Globally, let us cite THE BRANDO in French Polynesia for enthusiasm overcoming lack of ease in getting there.

Today’s message is be patient to get to many of the most worthwhile hotels in the world. And. If you can, while away the time by saluting the sun set.

And hear The Brando’s boss, here: