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GAG – GirlAhead Guest – on luxury travel

You cannot have theatre without the appropriate stage

You cannot have theatre without the appropriate stage

More from the Sybaritic Single:

‘Jet-setting for a few hours to another continent, rarely even a full day, is part of the Sybaritic Single’s ritzy life. As a result of many years of travel, a precise list of in-room requirements has evolved to ensure that all the amenities are at hand the moment the Sybaritic Single checks into a luxury hotel. Not a caprice but a time-saving essential.

‘The modest ‘backstage rider’ includes green tea with honey, a proper iron with steam (an essential accessory during a fashion week), and a large bucket of ice with chilled champagne and at least four raspberries to infuse the bubbles. There is nothing worse than reaching a hotel to start wasting time making calls to various departments and waiting for the essentials to be delivered, painfully one by one.

‘Though the defined list is normally sent in advance along with flight details, it still remains a lottery whether everything or nothing at all will be considered prior to arrival.

‘Traditionally, Parisian palace hotels tend to be the most accurate in execution. Recently, one of them arranged three sorts of honeylavender, chestnut and acacia – as well an impressive selection of Oriental teas for the Sybaritic Single who was already enjoying a flute full of bubbles and playing with an in-room guitar the minute he stepped in. Another Parisian establishment remains true to its couture heritage and arranges an unlimited supply of berries in every shade of red, a miniature in-room champagne cellar and an industrial-type ironing facility for the impeccable Dior wardrobe. The Sybaritic Single room setup is remembered and gets recreated with photographic precision on every occasion.

‘Y et the most recent ‘palace weekend’ was not in the city of lights but in a capital of white nights. The pre-arrival list was artlessly overlooked and the room had a coffee machine instead of any tea, an ice bucket with no ice, and a bottle of champagne without a single flute in sight. The Sybaritic Single took a deep breath and eventually spent half of a white night ensuring that his chamber had all the necessities – because even the most ostentatious palace needs to remember that time is precious and true luxury is effortless.’