Luxury Hotels


STEAK AND EGGS – what do YOU want for brunch this weekend?  It’s chilly but sunny in Manhattan and at Perrine in THE PIERRE NEW YORK, a Taj Hotel, livots of regulars were choosing their favourites. Yes, it’s time but be venturous. Chef Ashfer Biju believes in farm-to-table: try his local burrata not with tomatoes but with frisée and pear cubes (forget caprese and THINK FRIPE-RESE). And his steak and eggs, an ultimate comfort food, as shown above, are pretty good, too – from their yolk colours, these eggs come from well-fed hens: beef of the moment in New York, by the way, is from Snake River Farms, founded 40 years ago by a banker’s son in Boise ID.

There’s COMFORT FOOD GALORE, AND LOTS MORE, at London’s Curling Club, opening Wednesday (24 November) for a three-month run. Events specialists Hasta World are, in conjunction with hotel GM Doris Greif, overseeing all this. The garden at  The Langham, London, are being covered in  look-like ice, to produce three parallel lanes, eight metres long. Tickets give an hour on-ice, loan of gear, use of private changing and eatertainment areas, and what is essentially as much as you can eat and drink before- and after- your time on-rink. This is street food fare, hot dogs, Vacherin Fribourgeois and Gruyère fondu, raclette, and chocolate fondue with marshmallows.

In Anguilla, a new Peruvian restaurant at BELMOND CAP JULUCA is a reminder of Belmond’s strong domination in Peru’s luxury hospitality world.  Uchu, named after the Quechuan word for spice, will feature CEVICHES AND POKES and Pollo Pachamanquero, traditionally prepared in a clay pot.

GIRLAHEAD will try most things – once.  A taste of almond milk yoghurt at breakfast this morning was so displeasing that it was a case of NEVER AGAIN. Stick with Bonne Maman, Chobani, Yoplait if you want a big-name.

Jean-Luc Naret is arguably the KEY NAME IN DINING IN LUXURY HOTELS, WORLDWIDE, a mantel he has inherited from the much-loved late and forever-great Kurt Fischer. After heading Michelin worldwide, watch NARET PUSH THE SET NAME UP THE LADDER OF SUCCESS. And hear him here: