Luxury Hotels


Girlahead loves salmon – one of her happiest memories was visiting salmon farms in Chile. But why do chefs always overcook salmon? Sashimi and sushi, and Girlahead, go salmon-raw. Of course smoking it is another matter. In England, Forman’s is the smoked name to go for. In Scotland John Ross or Loch Fyne are pretty good. Best in Canada could be Kristapsons, in the USA look out for Alaska Smokehouse, in Australia it is Harris Smoked Salmon.

At ASHFORD CASTLE in Ireland, smoked salmon is carved at table – see the resulting plate, above. The team in the Red Carnation’s historic luxury castle like table-side: see the flambée video below).

Watch, figuratively speaking, for yet more things-to-say in the realm of hotel food. KEMPINSKI HOTEL GRAND ARENA BANKSO is, for instance, going to set Bulgarian taste buds alight, at least figuratively. On 18th and 19th March, six chefs with a total of eight Michelin stars will be cooking. The six-course menu will be prepared, one each plate, by Spanish great Sergi Arola and, from France, Thierry Drapeau, Joël Césari, Jean-Baptiste Natalie, Alain Caron and Patrick Jeffroy – BNK is the wine partner. When Girlahead stayed at this mountain hotel, surrounded by dense forest, she dined equally well, off local porcini followed by salmon trout on bed of mixed vegetables: she was in Junior Suite #353, and loved its alpine appeal, with walls of white-harled wood with prominent knots, and a corner settle-table with fabric-covered banquette seating, and views down to the ski-gondola base.

No mountains in Ireland but plenty of activity. See the Ashford Castle flambée below: