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Today, the Langosteria Group comprises 4 locations in Milan; Langosteria (2007), Langosteria Bistrot (2012), Langosteria Café (2016) and Langosteria Cucina (2021); a restaurant in Paris (2021) on the seventh floor of the Hotel Cheval Blanc Paris; a seaside restaurant in the splendid bay of Paraggi (2017) and, finally, a mountain location in Saint Moritz (2023). All the locations share the same gastronomic roots, but each has its own identity. Founded and led by Enrico Buonocore, Langosteria is dedicated to excellence and attention to detail, celebrating Italian style with an international accent.

Photo: Enrico Buonocore, CEO of Langosteria, together with his wife Alessandra Maestroni, who supervises the international development of the Group




London, June 2023: Cult Milanese restaurant, Langosteria has been announced as the next restaurant to join the culinary line-up at The OWO. The London outpost of this fashion-world haunt will s


Georg Baselitz is one of the most internationally recognised artists of the post-war period. As early as the late 1960s, the painter, graphic artist and sculptor made the groundbreaking decision to turn his motifs upside down. He also applies this method to this year’s Artists’ Collection. Baseltiz’s most iconic motif, the eagle, is displayed in red on the wooden box of the world-famous Original Sacher-Torte. This year, all proceeds from the sale will go to the “Junge Musik” project of the International Society for Contemporary Music. Within the framework of workshops and conderts, children and young people are introduced to contemporary music, its interpretation and composing.