Luxury Hotels


This gorgeous concoction above is Salad of violet artichokes, wild mushrooms, pickled walnut, truffle vinaigrette, a dish from Shay Cooper at The Lanesborough Grill, signature restaurant of Oetker’s THE LANESBOROUGH at London’s Hyde Park Corner.

First, the setting.  Hotel MD has deliberately transformed the conservatory-like space into a tribute to Englishness. The existing Wedgwood blue and white upper wall frieze is now complemented by giant crystal chandeliers.  Tables are set with finest porcelain, and single pink roses and lavender.

Menus are brought.  They are works of art, A4 sized, stiff white card with English wild flowers, in full colour, embossed. Sensual feel. The dishes come. As the salad shows, they are mostly served in bowls and all, without exception, are also works of art, and more than merely edible. They are full of taste.

This area immediately to the West of Hyde Park Corner could well become foodie centre of London. It was announced two days ago that The Maybourne Group will open THE EMORY, 500 metres west of The Lanesborough (The Emory is conjoined sibling of THE BERKELEY). The Emory will have Jean-Georges Vongerichten overseeing its food.

Girlahead – who loves his restaurant at TRUMP HOTEL NEW YORK – is sure that social media will pick up on what ‘Jean-Georges’ will be doing.  Social media help even the most distant of eating places. A Jason Friedman post on Instagram almost inspired Girlahead to head for the Himalayas. He raved about a brown paella at La Casita in Kathmandu – it’s a Sherpa Hospitality Group restaurant and, says Jason, pair it with a chilled rosé.

Talking of Trump Hotels, listen to SVP Suzie Mills, here: