Luxury Hotels


Never since Tracey Emin’s 1997 ‘artwork’ Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995 – which featured the names of all her sex partners – has such a total mess even excited one iota. But when Girlahead saw the vision above, at the end of a family lunch with a pair of divinely active youngsters, it piqued interest.

Food is essential in all our lives, everywhere. It’s the only thing that might punctuate boredom in jail. FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried is currently claiming that he can’t get vegan food in Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. By contrast Girlahead’s father, a prison visitor rather than an inmate, really looked forward to going behind bars at Oxford Prison because of the home-made sponge and suet puddings (the fruit-filled Christmas pudding, served with lashes of lumpy custard, was a particular favourite).

Perhaps we will get to the stage where prisoners can order in their own food, to-go style. The owner of a top Cairo hotel did just that, when he was incorporated. He ordered from his own room service. If D Trump has that situation to contend with, let’s hope he’s hungry in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York or Miami, all destinations where he still has lovely hotels. Thet undoubtedly flip okay burgers.

Girlahead did an article once on chefs’ Last Suppers and after six opted for cheeseburgers that ‘delicacy’ was banned.  Thank goodness for Netflix’s ‘The Last Magnificent’ who chose something complicated, beef-based and traditional French.

On an aside, how the general public loves reading VIPs’ choice on a particular subject. The Financial Times recently asked for views on favourite pools. Airmail Editor Graydon Carter considered THE BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL and LE SIRENEUSE but settled on Oetker’s HOTEL DU CAP, which he always associates with Slim Aarons’ slinky movie star photos (and he bemoans the fact that smart phones and Instagram mean no A Lister goes near a private pool these days.  Sophy Roberts choose SINGITA GRUMETI, William Dalrymple prefers AMANJIWO and Pico Iyer says THE MONDRIAN LOS ANGELES.  ps Burgers taste especially good poolside, by the way.