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It’s burger time. The one above is pretty special – it is a bison burger with green chilli sauce and it is a special at The Restaurant at SIERRA GRANDE, just reopened under the direction of Barbara Portillo, who is F&B and Chef.  Sierra Grande is a 17-room retreat near Truth or Consequences NM, one of the amazing Ted Turner Retreat that in all cover 1.1 million acres.

Since we are talking big numbers, the mega-burger chain McDonald’s had, at last count, a mere 37,855 outlets. It is generally known that Bill Gates is addicted to their cheeseburgers but do you think any burger babes have eaten at  all of those joints (sorry, Girlahead cannot call them ‘restaurants’? Memo to researcher, please check Guinness Book of World Records.  You do not actually hear real gourmets raving about their burgers but there’s lot of praise for their fries – and their service, thanks to training skills.

There are still many raving about a DB Burger. Daniel Boulud’s French fine-dining spin on an American classic was the most expensive burger in the world when it was created in 2020.  Apparently he braises shredded oxtail, short ribs, chopped truffle, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and herbs in red wine for four hours. He then adds foie gras, and chills it until it is needed.  The DB Burger’s bun ia potato-based, with a brioche texture, and it is topped with shredded Parmesan, poppy seeds and cracked pepper.

Look for other Daniel burgers at Maison Boulud, RITZ-CARLTON MONTREAL – Girlahead likes the thought of being able to add Douanier cheese and/or smoked pork belly to the standard burger of the house.  Bloomberg asked chefs globally to nominate best burgers. Ashley Palmer-Watts, who made his name at MANDARIN ORIENTAL LONDON HYDE PARK’s Dinner by Heston, instantly came up with the milk bun burger at Butchers Diner in Melbourne. Shane Osborn, who made his name at Arcane in Hong Kong, chose Badia at GRAND HOTEL THALASSO, Saint-Jean-de-Lux – it has truffle-infused bread and a Charolais patty – and of course fries come too.