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To get to an ultra-mod girl’s heart, think facials and pizzas, not simultaneous obvious but close together. Face first. Four Seasons Hampshire is the 580-acre English countryside paradise that has everything that today’s rural seeker wants, from horses to a working canal and so on. It also has history going back to the 1086 Domesday Book and much later Henry VIII met Catherine of Aragon here (she was later one of his six wives who died a more or less normal death, though today’s thought is that she had cancer).  What a morbid morsel of English history.

Let us switch to the health is wealth belief. Four Seasons Hampshire has a remarkably agreeable rabbit warren of a spa. Fortunately its charming Director, Courtney Cuningham, has ample black-dressed assistants to direct you up a few stairs here, turn a corner and so on. The products include Ilâ and Sturm and 111Skin, which Girlahead chose. She really cannot comment on the session. The slightly warm bed and soothingly soft white noise evoked instant sleep, which required a human voice to end. The result felt fabulous and did attract a lot of comments. The fact that 111Skin is devised by a Harley Street skin specialist Dr Yannis Alexandrides, with the help of his beautiful wife Eva, is in its favour from the start, of course, but Girlahead can honestly say that whenever she comes into contact with 111Skin she feels 111% better for the experience.

Courtney Cuningham feels the same: ‘It was my mission to find a brand that could allow us to offer a treatment for chemo sufferers, coupled with products which worked for all skin kinds.   After researching a number of facial brands, and going back and forth with 111Skin, they were able to offer something inclusive for all with the 111Skin Harley Street Facial, using Dr Yannis’ Reparative range to soothe and restore. It provides a seamless fusion of luxury, science and heritage in line with our hotel brand and ethos. With the huge success of our 111Skin Harley Street Facial which we launched at the end of last year, we will be launching the 111Skin Rose Gold Facial, and 111Skin Black Diamond Lifting Facial’.

Pizza time. Four Seasons Hampshire GM Andrew Harrison, above, experimented with an Italian pop-up, which has evolved to a year-round canvas-covered eatery in the space afforded by two right-angle walls of the 1738 brick and stone hotel (this will become even more permanent shortly). It’s big enough for about 40 customers, and a kitchen – and a pizza oven.  Pizza specialist Angelo Doganeri’s in charge but the hotel’s head-honcho chef Talha Barkin came through to say hello.

Mottled-green marble tables hold pots of living herbs, and Le Terra Colombé oil and Belazu balsamico. Cutlery is wrapped in napkins – fortunately paper as trying to eat a pizza elegantly is impossible. Hands come into play and hands subsequently need wiping. Paper place mats are menus, and of course the choice had to be pizza, in the form of Doganieri Parmiagiano, Chef Angelo’s Signature.

Below is the result… deliberately-charcoaled multi-grain dough, San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, fior di latte mozzarella, aubergine, confit tomatoes, ricotta salata. Had the chauffeur been on duty that day the pizza would have been paired with Primitivo Torcicoda Tarmaresca 2021 IGT Apulia… even without it, lunch in a full Italian restaurant with lots of buzz adds to the message that do simple things right and you are on to a winner. Facials and pizzas, they’re one answer.