Luxury Hotels


There are capreses and capreses, as Girlahead and a million-trillion other caprese fanatics, know only too well, and the presentation above, at ONE&ONLY LE ST GERAN in Mauritius, must surely be among the most memorable presentations. It’s at the resort’s outdoor-and-roof-free Badamier, named for the tree that towers above it (Badamier, also known as Terminalia catappa, or Java or Tropical almond, is Indian in origin and apparently can grow up to 100 feet).

Saturday is special day, Girlahead’s guzzle and gulp day. What’s new?  Swire’s Hong Kong-based House Collective is sending mixologists from its hotels in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Shanghai for pop-ups in the region. They are kicking off in Singapore, with a shift at 28 Hong Kong Street this last Thursday and, coming up tomorrow, Sunday 7th May, a presentation at Smoke & Mirror from 8 p.m. until midnight.

Talking of drinks, watch the Battle of Bubbles. For decades Laurent-Perrier has – since the great days of Vicomte Bernard de la Giraudière, the marketing genius who taught Girlahead all she has ever needed to know about marketing – dominated interaction with hotels and culinary. Now Dom Pérignon gets into the act: the LVMH House is partnering with CIA (the culinary rather than the criminology one) to support the educational institute’s Master’s in Culinary Arts programme. The Dom Pérignon Scholarship Fund will fully support tuition for 20 students during two years of study at the CIA’s New York campus and at Dom Pérignon in Epernay.