Luxury Hotels


Flowers are bursting out all over and in London, EGERTON HOUSE, a Red Carnation hotel, is taking it to extreme. As well as the front façade, in Egerton Terrace, currently being festooned in floral garlands, there’s a beautiful floral cocktail menu.  See the martini above – they use Martin Miller’s gin, or Kavka for vodka martinis.

Girlahead last stayed at Egerton House Monday 10th October 2006 – in top floor room #42. Both it and #41 have fabulous views down into the garden opposite.  It does seem that views of flowers add to the overall feeling of well-being. Also in England, some of The Pig hotels have views out to flowers but more of their rooms look into exquisite vegetables.

In The Netherlands, look down at Amsterdam’s flower stalls from some rooms at HOTEL DE L’EUROPE – and take a trip, of course, to the world’s best tulip fields. In New Zealand, look down at flower bed at many of the lodges for which the country is justly famous – HUKA LODGE and its colleagues.

In Switzerland, expect alpine pastures dotted with wild flowers at such hotels as THE CHEDI ANDERMATT and THE DOLDER GRAND.  Down at ground level, there are beautiful flower beds at Zurich’s BAUR AU LAC. Girlahead admired the gardens, and the lake behind, from room 114, and later through the windows of the Pierre-Yves Rochon-designed garden set Le Pavillon. Flowers outside, flowers inside complementing the soft grey or white linens, but not, unless her memory has failed her, in the cocktails.