Luxury Hotels


There has been a gradual disappearance in the travel world.  Flowers are becoming a rare commodity, or a rare delight.

The reasons for this endangerment are numerous.  In no particular order, they include shortage of flowers, shortage of florists, shortage of delivery drivers, saving labour, possible allergies of bystanders, and saving the planet. It would be interesting to know how customer satisfaction levels are skewed by flowers.

Filip Boyen, former CEO of Forbes Travel Guide FTG,  says flowers in hotel bedrooms are no more desirable than a living plant. He personally likes flowers in a hotel lobby, and another display in the staff entrance. The flowers in the public areas of THE LONDONER were especially welcoming at the Skift Forum this last week,

Of course sometimes flowers can go terribly wrong. They can suddenly, perhaps like the bystander, appear past their best. Girlahead always remembers arriving at New York’s ESSEX HOUSE to be shown to a suite metaphorically groaning under flowers.  No card.  Aha here’s a card – to someone else.