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Five great hotel magazines


And now, according to schedule, the gal chooses five greats. Here we have Five Great hotel magazines, in alphabetical order.

Badrutt’s Palace, St Moritz, uses its Tower Revue as a social arbiter of who is who in the world of international high society. The current issue 84-page glossy, which is Edition 31, 2018, shows a dancer on a table top in the hotel on the cover (the back cover has been bought by Cartier). It is nice to have welcomes, in Engllish and German, from Anikó Badrutt and Hans Wiedemann, as well as from CEO Yves Gardiol and GM Richard Leuenberger. Tower Revue is published by Journal International, Munich – Editor is Gerd Giesler.

ForteVillage Sardegna‘s UNIQ, published annually, is a tribute to beauty, family events, leisure generally, and wining and dining.  A truly unique feature, however, is UNIQ’s promotion of the variety of sports events available at this seasonal resort (many a Yummy Mummy must pick up a copy of UNIQ and discover a soccer camp that would be just ideal for little George). The fact that legendary resort CEO Lorenzo Giannuzzi is soccer-mad inspires that culture for this comprehensive magazine.

Hotel Ranga, Iceland forgoes glossy for an all-colour newspaper, advertizing-free, published twice yearly. Showing the careful hand of the hotel’s marketing-genius owner Friôrik Pálsson, Ranga Review‘s current issue concentrates on year-round creative cuisine, and on horsing around, which undoubtedly inspire selling summer-special riding trips to guests. In winter, the newspaper is more likely to cover astronomy, as Hotel Ranga has a professional observatory that attracts guests worldwide to come and view aurora borealis.

Hotel Sacher, Vienna has a splendid two-yearly publication produced by Scoop & Spoon, Vienna  -Editor  is Michael Keela. The current 2018-2019 issue, is 164 pages, including its hard cover. The front cover, shown above, oozes thoughts of Vienna: the back cover is Rolex.  Inside are thoughts from the owning family, Elisabeth Gürtler-Mauthner and her son Georg, and her daughter Alexandra with husband Matthias Winkler – plus GM Reiner Heilmann. A nice marketing touch is added by superb pictures of artisan cabinet makers, and over a hundred staff (and, of course, there is plenty of sachertorte promotion).

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group‘s MO is a glorious traditional glossy produced by Condé Nast – Editor is Zoe Manzi and her contributors include highly-regarded food writer Jeremy Wayne. This is also a company that, thanks to the Condé Nast team, produces the online Destination MO, which unlike most hotels’ and hotel groups’ online media works because it is easy to navigate.