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Girlahead’s wish for October 2023.  Please will all restaurant designers think of an ideal selfie spot? See above.  Gerhard Struger poses (no, that’s the wrong word – he STANDS), charming as ever, by wall art in Matteo de Carli’s eponymous restaurant in Prague. Now since Herr Struger is big-boss of FAIRMONT GOLDEN PRAGUE, which opens late 2024, and because he is savvy, it is certain he will ensure there are selfie spots in all his restaurants.

In fact let’s extend this wish. Let’s have selfie spots in all hotels. Taking our thoughts from the Czech Republic to Catalonia, think of Catalonia. 45 minutes’ drive from Barcelona is the magical port city of Tarragona, a UNESCO heritage site for its Phoenician heritage, its Roman amphitheatre and other ruins. The 11-floor Hotel H10 TARRACO IMPERIAL has a rooftop bar that gives a 360-degree view down over ruins, gardens, the busy port and the city. Everybody up there can thus cake photos regardless of where the omnipresent sun is. Selfie surfeit Sunday?