Luxury Hotels


Actually Christmas cards open a myriad of related thoughts, and even ideas that are completely discombobulated. Take this greeting from Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio (OK, it’s ego centric and it’s a lazy emailed effort but that’s all beside the point at this moment). The missive gives no idea who Manfredi is. With maritime college behind him he was more than a sailor of sorts. After his brother Francisco ran the family’s Silversea cruise line, Manfredi took over, and then he sold it to Royal Caribbean for billions and with some of the resulting gold he bought Abercrombie & Kent.

So now he owns A&K, which he chairs. His input must have rescued Geoffrey Kent because the main A&K touring company has suffered terribly this century, from 911 on. Now, with Manfredi behind him, Kent can shine, which he is doing with the help of Luxe Tiffany, social media queen Tiffany Dowd . She brokered, and is now co-producing, the definitive authorised documentary on Geoffrey Kent’s life.

Manfredi could be a little jealous. SOMEone needs to do a docu on his life, especially since two days ago he won a Bologna court ruling that might settle a years-long feud with his brother.

See what thoughts a Christmas card, or a message can lead to…. Happy holidays.