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NOTHING BEATS A PROPER HARD-COPY Christmas card. There used, in the old days, to be boring line-ups  of corporate cards but those cards have been pensioned off. The new breed of industry-corporate cards is much more personal (one card is so personal it shows a photo of the sender, now a wee bit older than most other recipients will also feel).

Top prize so far goes to The Corinthia London. It’s simple. See above. Coincidentally the card from Halekulani is also about love. The exterior says ‘Wishing you’. Open up to find ‘Love and Aloha this holiday season’, with a ribbon-held silver cut out of a flower. Ready to hang on a tree or wear as a necklace. It’s thoughtful and it will last.

There’s a new line-up, this year, of emailed messages from PR companies. They use the opportunity to attach their forecasts for the coming year, all featuring their own clients, naturally. This is an admirable use of communication but a plea from a busy recipient. Please make these missives less verbose.

Also on the email side, impersonal emailed wishes are, simply, impersonal. How many recipients have time to open them?