Luxury Hotels


Cars and fashion go hand in hand – at major auto jamborees you expect Beautiful Bods draped over bodies. And talking of cars, tomorrow is the annual Concourso d’Eleganza and the coveted 2022 Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este will be announced. The beauty competition for bodies with wheels is sponsored by BMW, Sotheby’s, Vranken-Pommery, and host hotel VILLA D’ESTE, the Leading Hotel three minutes’ north of Cernobbio on the west shore of Lake Como. Last year a Pininfarina-designed 1956 Ferrari 250 GT TDF won: it was entered by American owner Brian Ross. Who will be the winner, 2022? See, as of in expectation, a display of fab cars outside the hotel.

Interesting hotels and fashion are not always compatible. Girlahead thinks of hideous ample bodies in unsuitable frocks at far too many otherwise-marvellous properties around the world. That is not the fault of those places, however (idea, put dress sense into every school curriculum worldwide). Girlahead wrote a book on what to wear; Dress Sense. There were only two recommendations. If you are not sure what to wear put on something that you know will be different and then you will feel just fine. Second commandment, divide the cost of an item by the number of times you subsequently use it, which means spending half a million on sneakers is just fine while the same amount on a wedding dress is not.

More fashion rambles. Most employee have ghastly uniforms (fault of the hotel). Far too many hotel-run boutiques are amateur (ibid).  Girlahead loves the kaleidoscopic arrange of Greek Island haute couture in the hole in the rock boutique at SANTA MARINA RESORT AND VILLAS, Luxury Collection, on Mykonos. The buyer is the hotel’s owner, Christiana Papageorgiou (the buyer for the designer panama hats and other must-haves in the boutique at Villa d’Este, by the way, is the wife of one of the two owners).

When owners with style get involved, everyone benefits. Camilla Fayed, daughter of owner Mohamed Al-Fayed, seems to be on a commendable mission open RITZ PARIS to a younger audience. Girlahead has already raved about the hotel’s retail partnership with the Swedish duo who run Frame. Apparently celebs have been rushing to get gear from the latest Ritz Paris collection, which includes t-shirts bearing such phrases as “don’t disturb” and “late check out”. This is definitely a sign of consumer shift to elevated comfort dressing and, more specifically, the tongue-in-cheek feeling shared by those who feel like they’re in on an insider joke.

We are finishing today with insider tales, no joke.  What does the world’s most influential private aviation boss think about hotels?  Hear him here: