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Leah Marshall is indispensable to Oetker Collection’s HOTEL LE BRISTOL, PARIS. The Canadian is part of the managing duo. She’s the other half of the two-Ls show. Luca (Allegri, the hotel’s MD) and Leah.  Sounds like that other two-Ls, Lerner and Loewe, but Luca and Leah is today, and tomorrow, always looking ahead.

Le Bristol Paris, for instance, recently launched its ‘Sensorial Resets’ menu from that wellness queen of tomorrow, Tata Harper. This includes the introduction of Tata Harper’s first-ever proprietary skincare machine, Dermal Reset- an all-in-one machine that revitalizes the skin with deep, thorough cleaning to remove impurities for a natural and healthy glow (its high-tech attachments like LED therapy penetrate deep into the skin to soften the contours and provide antibacterial action, and so on).  And ancient healing modalities are interwoven into the reset facial rituals, with such bespoke elements as a Tibetan singing bowl, a tuning fork, or a gua sha stone. Leah might well then recommend a refreshing eat-and-drink in the hotel’s courtyard garden, Le Jardin Français, recently redesigned by Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd. Try a King Crab salad with grapefruit and avocado, or hand-chopped beef tartar.

As well as the Michelin three-star Epicure restaurant, the more-casual 114 Faubourg has had one star for the past ten years.  Try more King Crab there, or at least King Crab egg  with ginger and lemon mayonnaise, followed by langoustine ravioli, filet of John Dory with cockles, and then pigeon and foie gras. Finish with a sweet serenade of pink grapefruit with yogurt sorbet, flower honey and bee pollen, all in a subtle nod to the arrival of springtime in Paris.

Hotel Le Bristol is right in the centre of Paris’ politics – Elysée Palace is just across the road. It is also wrapped, as it were, in the neighbourhood of fashionable art galleries. And in fashion itself. Talking of wrapping the body in clothes, Girlahead – who years ago envisaged a fashion future – finds it fascinating that The State of Fashion: Technology, from The Business of Fashion and McKinsey, says that leading fashion companies are expected to raise their investment in technology from their 2001 budget of about 1.7% of sales up to, by 2030, about 3.25% of sales. But they want technologies that offer the greatest impact.

Just like the wellness side. It seems that Tata Harper is THE ‘personalised brand’ that trendsetters think will have impact. Oetker Collection’s CEO Dr Timo Gruenert obviously thinks so.  Let’s hear some of his thoughts, now: