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Exactly a week ago Girlahead stood out on the expansive terrace of expansive suite 818 of SS Splendor, above, and watched the sun rise. The ship was enroute to Copenhagen, and three hours later most onboard would be disembarking. Tammy, the Social Hostess, would be at the top of the gangplank to see everyone off. But Tammy was everywhere. She had welcomed everyone aboard 16 days ago, in Stockholm, she was there at the start of shore excursions on every day but the two days at sea. After back-to-back self-fulfilment classes, optional fortunately, she hosted nightly cocktails for solo travellers. She was probably hosting dinner tables too, with her long-time childhood sweetheart-husband, Andy, the ship’s Cruise Director.

One of many things that stand out about this cruise is the happiness everywhere. The jovial rotund Captain always looked as if he would break out into a Figaro aria at any moment. The General Manager kept his office door open the whole time and, as he said, he genuinely loves people. The Cruise Consultant delighted with a daily German-influenced fashion show, eyeglasses included: if you scroll down far enough below you will find a story on her, and another about the perfectly-discreet butler, trained back in Delhi at the MAURYA SHERATON. And if the Paulista IT specialist did not love people he would have thrown himself overboard when all connectivity went off in the Norwegian fjords and he had potentially 700-plus unhappy passengers wondering why the satellite had gone on strike.

What else stood out?  The food. Can you imagine not overhearing a single criticism in over two weeks?  It was brilliant, brilliant (there’s even an onboard professional teaching kitchen for those who want to learn more). From beetroot fresh-pressed pre-breakfast through to nightcaps while trying not to fall off one’s seat while listening to a really funny comedian, the etceteras were pretty good too.

One week ago it was a most addictive paradise.  Girlahead will be back, but meanwhile she needs to do her own laundry.