Farewell to a luxury hotel legend

Mark Hoplamazian, left, and John Wallis

Mark Hoplamazian, left, and John Wallis

John Wallis has been with Hyatt for 35 years, but now he is leaving – the big-R word is just not appropriate for this exuberant Englishman, who has been branding and marketing luxury hotels around the world.

Chicago, above, has been his home for years, and he will continue living there, and I am sure he will continue to have as many ideas as before.  A few days ago he had breakfast with Hyatt’s President and CEO Mark Hoplamazian.

I am not surprised that John Wallis had so much to say: I am amazed that Mark Hoplamazian is such a good interviewer that he could become a David Letterman at short notice – but, fortunately for luxury hotels – this is the industry that inspires him. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW