Luxury Hotels


LET’S GET AWAY – how and why and where? This is fantasy fun, five days before Christmas and only eleven until yet another New Year and whatever this one brings.

Imagine a plane of yesteryear landing in the centre of today. That’s what private aviation leader Jetex achieved in Dubai, above.

Imagine lifesize dolphins swirling through the air, swooping and swirling above you in the main atrium of MGM Cotai Macao. That’s the scene every one o’clock, three o’clock and five ‘clock. It’s an impromptu ballet controlled by drones: look far up and you can see the operators and it is demanding work as a mishap could hurt the hundreds of spectators below. An error is also extremely costly as the naughty drone must be returned to Germany for surgery.

More imagines.  The ongoing excitement of flying to Rovaniemi for snowmobile tours to Father Christmas’ Finland grotto. The lure of London’s winter wonderland in Hyde Park,  which has grown into a major lure attracting families from around the world.. And what about the forthcoming Family Floor at Island Shangri-La Hongkong? There will be 21 suites. Each will have a ‘normal’ room for mum and dad, or whomever. A connecting door, complemented by a tunnel big enough for kids, will lead to the youngsters’ room. This might be themed as a harbour, with boat-shaped ‘beds’, or as an airship. Yes, sleep in the airship. Oh what fun… As if an adults’ club lounge, the facility also has a help-yourself area, foods and drinks but also baby supplies and borrow a buggy or whatever. The final touch here is educational. There are scheduled workshops to sharpen minds, whatever the age.

Just as the movie Barbie shows, fantasy is ageless. Mind you it must be said that frankly Barbie is also senseless, an overkill of pale pink and gingham and Girlahead never did manage to identify Helen Mirren, or at least her voice and no, this definitely is not a movie to see more than once. Other fantasies await.