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Abdul Nassani, above, is the Dubai promoter of Biohacking ORB, an adult-sized pod that has built-in massage waves accompanied by son-et-lumière, lights and music. Girlahead tried this innovation at ATLANTIS THE PALM DUBAI – and it was considerably good.

Let’s consider this neuroacoustic device, which essentially  “biohacks” your brain with healing pulses of sound. By applying specific sound frequencies and rhythms (binaural beats) to induce a desired brain state, the mind can shift from a Beta brain state (wide awake and alert) to Alpha (relaxed and creative), Theta (deeper relaxation and meditative) or Delta (deep sleep and healing). ORB suggests 20-to 50-minute sessions at any time, to turbo-charge memory and creativity, while melt away stress and any other hiccups.

For credibility, it’s worth says that Abdul Nassani’s clients include Six Senses, Hilton, Fairmont and Sofitel. In late 2020, Biohacking ORB was honored as a Global Wellness Technology Innovation finalist.

This month, in honour of what would have been Elizabeth Taylor’s 90th birthday , and in tribute to the award-winning actor’s commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS, The Dorchester Collection has named two suites after her. In London we now have the Elizabeth Taylor Harlequin Suite at THE DORCHESTER. In Los Angeles, there is, similarly, the Elizabeth Taylor  Bungalow 5 at THE BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL (this was her preferred honeymoon destination and her favourite fried chicken & mashed potatoes at the Polo Lounge is still on the menu today).

Talking of chicken, real live ones, by the thousands, cause traffic mayhem on Key West – it is said they’re descendants of jungle fowl brought in from the Caribbeans. Today they are not allowed to be harmed by humans but every year thousands – chicken not people – are removed by a dedicated Community Trapping Program. This year, by the way, the name ‘Waldorf Astoria’ is also being removed. Yesterday CASA MARINA, a Dolce Vita Flagler-concept resort dating back to 1920, switched from Waldorf Astoria to Hilton’s Curio collection.

Let us listen to Hilton’s Dino Michael, here: