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Is this starting a fad (which is momentary) or a trend (which can be momentous)? Either way you heard it first, here. FAIRMONT PEACE HOTEL SHANGHAI has just launched a Vitality Zero Carbon Afternoon Tea in its Cathay Room – indulge and save the planet at the same time.

The pastry chefs create edibles using local produce and natural ingredients. As well as lots to eat and drink you get a recyclable tote bag and a digital art token NFT – see above. This has been created in partnership with a local environmental protection organization.  Hotel MD George Wee says Fairmont Peace has also completed the China Certified Emission Reduction of 14 tons with the Jiangxi Fenglin Forest Carbon Sink Project, offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by 1,000 afternoon teas.

Girlahead wonders how many proposals will be during the Vitality” Zero Carbon Afternoon Tea? Cathay Room, on the ninth floor of the 11-floor building, has a small balcony over The Bund. Just big enough for a table and two chairs, this has long been a popular proposal point.

This is an amazing hotel with so much history. Sir Victor Sassoon GBE 1881-1961 banker, was based in Shanghai after WWI, and in 1926 he built Sassoon House. During WWII it was seized by the Japanese and fully opened as The Peace Hotel in 1956.  Today Sir Victor’s one-time office is the 300sq m Sassoon Suite, still wood-panelled,  with a total of no less than 25 windows overlooking The Bund,.

Its famous Jazz Band, or rather Bands, plays nightly – see the 2013 movie As Time Goes By in Shanghai.  See below. The youngest player today is 79. At 9.45 p.m. a second team, all over 60, takes over. Decades ago one of the players was Vic Won Cumyow (Victor Vancouver), son of the first Chinaman born in Canada, Won Alexander Cumyow – he’s currently on the shortlist to be pictured on Canada’s next issue of bank notes. Coming forward to today,  Won Cumyow’s granddaughter is Tiffany Dowd (Luxe Tiffany), undisputed queen of luxury hospitality social media.

Things evolve, other things are timeless. Fairmont Peace is both.