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Emiliano is now in Rio de Janeiro, too

The Emiliano,  São Paulo, has been one of Brazil’s top hotels ever since it opened in 2001 – we love the airy lobby, with its Campano brothers’ chairs, and the stunning restaurant.  Now that hotel has a sibling, Emiliano Rio de Janeiro, a conversion of the Austrian Consulate on Avenida Atlantica.  The 95-room hotel has been wrapped, as shown, in a slatted white exterior by Miami-based architect Chad Oppenheim – the fretwork lets in light, but gives privacy.  The Ocean Master Suite, by the way, is 1,350 sq ft, and hotel GM is Cristiano Viola.  This hotel is, like the São Paulo hotel, an eternal tribute to its conceptor, the late Carlos Alberto Filgueiras – and our hearts and prayers go out to that construction giant’s son, the equally-passionate Gustavo Filgueras, and his family.