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Girlahead is often asked if there is anywhere she has not yet been. Well, to be honest Belarusse and Central African Republic are not on her bucket list, but Chile’s offshore island, Easter Island, definitely is. The island’s biggest party of the year is the Tapati Festival, tentatively planned to start again, post-pandemic, 1-15 February, 2023. The festival began in the 1970s as a way of maintaining and promoting the Rapa Nui culture among the islanders. There are dancing and singing competitions, sporting events like swimming, canoeing, and horse racing, and a Haka Pei competition which involves sliding down the island’s steepest slope on banana trunks. Some lucky person is also crowned Queen of the Tapati. For a year.

Another definite bucket-list entry is, in London, to go down, far down, three floors below CLARIDGE’S to its Spa, which opened today, It is well-known that for years Ireland’s master tunnellers, the McGees, have been excavate into the London clay, and YESTERDAY the spa opened, yes, Monday 26th September.  One of the many things that excites Girlahead about this haven of heavenly wellness is none other than André Fu, the Hong Kong oh-so-cultured designer who exactly 13 years ago put the then-opening UPPER HOUSE HONG KONG immediately on the world map by doing it more or less entirely in shades of avocado. Some time after, André Fu announced, at an intimate dinner at the stunning Italian restaurant high up in RITZ-CARLTON HONG KONG, that he was into lemon. Now, it seems, he is into peach, especially when it comes to wellness.  Read more tomorrow….

Meanwhile, another item on the ultimate bucket list is to stay in an Embassies hotel. Not possible yet, but it will be, soon. Hear about Embassies, and their partnership with Porsche cars, here: