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Rosewood-managed GUANAHANI once again enlivens St Barth’s attraction. If you fly into that so-unique airport, don’t be surprised if you think some of your fellow passengers look bleary-eyed. Perhaps they are going to the luxury resort’s Alchemy of Sleep programme, running now through March. This is, apparently, a global Rosewood initiative of immersive retreats of sleep-inducing treatments and activities to support renewal of the body and longevity – it includes nutrition, movement and mindfulness, a mix of treatments and experiences, expert consultations and classes. Opt for a one-night ‘Dreamscape’ or a two-five night Sleep Transformation. Emmanuel Arroyo, Regional Director Wellness, says Alchemy of Sleep provides tools needed for lasting sleep hygiene habits, to impact overall wellbeing. At Guanahani, for instance, bedrooms come with oil diffusers and mists, silk pillowcases and eye masks, books with sleep tips, as well as access to meditation TV apps.

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Downton Abbey: A New Era,” I’m looking forward to seeing how the franchise tries to reinvent itself on the cusp of a new era, the 1930s, and how it fares in the current racial moment. (A Black female face pops up in a trailer.) Partly set in the South of France after the Dowager Countess learns she has inherited a villa there, the movie sends the upstairs Crawley clan and their downstairs employees off on another adventure, with another wedding.